My New She-Shed & Office Building!

So in case you missed it in my last post, I laid out my goals for 2017 … well, I am happy to announce that in my quest to get more serious about my business and blogging this year, I am building a new office / she-shed that will be separate from the house, so I can have a private place to work!

I didn’t even really know she sheds existed until recently. My husband started talking about how he needs a man-cave (typical man, right?), and so I began researching online and found out that she sheds were basically man caves for women. We are actually going to turn our basement into a man cave (so my beau still gets what he wants), and we’re going to build a separate workspace for me in the backyard. I’ll also be able to store my gardening tools there, which is a major plus.

I’ve hired a company in Charlotte NC that specializes in steel buildings to help me, and so far they’ve got me really excited about this project. There are so many ways you can customize a metal building, it’s unreal. They’re actually called “pre-engineered” or “pre-fabricated metal buildings,” which initially makes you think that perhaps they are pre-built and can’t be customized, but that actually just means that the steel components are pre-fabricated to your specifications, once you decide what you’re looking for. You can choose size, color, style (even roof style), and add insulation, electricity, windows, doors, etc. They even have these really cute cottage-style buildings that you can buy and have them painted to match your house or stand apart if you prefer. I definitely want my she shed to stand out from the rest of my house. I’m gonna feng shui the heck out of it too!

The other day, I ventured to Hobby Lobby to buy some DIY stuff to make my own decor and build my own storage shelves. The only thing missing will be running water and a toilet. I could add plumbing if I really wanted to, but that gets a little complicated and costly. Besides, I will need an excuse to take a break and make my way back to the house. It’s gonna be hard though … now I understand why men love their caves so much. And I haven’t even gotten my building yet!

It’ll be here in a few weeks, and I’ll take more pics then. For now, here’s a┬ásneak peek:

metal she-shed

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