How Much Does a Freelance Blogger Cost?

As a mompreneur, I spend a lot of time trying to drum up freelance work online. There are lots of website owners who will pay for guest blog content. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of low-quality content farms charging anywhere from $1 – $15 for a single post, which puts people like me in a tough situation.

Honestly, if you are looking for high-quality content to post on your website, you need to be ready and willing to shell out at least $50 for a single blog post (300-500 words maximum). I’ll go ahead and say that’s what I charge, but I do know plenty of freelance bloggers who won’t take less than $100 for a single post, and sometimes that’s only for $250 words.

If you’re a business owner and you’re raising your eyebrows because you think that sounds crazy, hear me out. Quality content takes time to produce. Sure, you can go to a content farm or a freelance site like Textbroker and find someone in Guatemala to write articles for $5 a pop. But you’re likely to get low-quality, spun content that sounds like it was written by someone who’s native language is not English. But search engines are getting smart these days, and they don’t like low-quality, spun content. So if you’re trying to produce content that will pass their inspection and get read and shared by real people who find it interesting, you’ll want to hire a real person who can write interesting things. A professional freelance blogger doesn’t come cheap, and if you find one that does, it should raise a few red flags.

I just wanted to put this out there, because I’ve struggled to find freelance jobs lately. Too many cheap business owners don’t seem to want to invest in themselves. That, or they don’t understand the value of good quality content. I was actually told recently by a client of mine that they found a cheaper way to get articles. The last time I looked at his website, it was obvious he’s been using spun content to beef up his online presence. But it’s not working… his content is far from beefy. It’s pretty thin, actually.

If you’re looking to hire a good, English-speaking freelance writer, stay away from content mills. If you do choose to use a freelancer site, look for people in or from the United States.

Rant over. 🙂